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Galerie Anixis / Mehrzweckhalle DIAS, Oberstadtstrasse 10, 5400 Baden, Switzerland


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Sunday, 20 march 2016 – 18:00
Trio Levante

Kyriakos Kalaitzidis (Oud)
Leonardo Bortolotto (Viola da Gamba)
Alkis Zopoglou (Kanun)

Three of the most important contemporary virtuosos of the Mediterranean provide a comprehensive performance, where the sounds of the Oud and Kanun harmoniously meets the sounds of the Viola da Gamba.

Sunday, 10 april 2016 – 18:00
The Rembetiko – the journey from Asia Minor to the port of Piraeus

Gavrilos Kokonas (Bouzouki)
Daniel Barbas (Gitarre)
Igor Joric (Akkordeon)

The Rembetiko has its roots at the coast of Asia Minor. There, in the famous «caffé aman», in the early 19th century, the first lifecycle of Rembetiko music began. Later, it came to Greece, more precisely to Piraeus, brought by the Greek inhabitants of Asia Minor who resettled there and brought their customs and traditions with them. There its second life cycle began. Now the bouzouki, the guitar and the accordion took over the main role.

Sunday, 22 may 2016 – 18:00
Traditional music of Crete

Ilias Andreoulakis: Cretan Lyra
Marios Mpampoudakis: Lute
Nikos Tzanidakis: accompanying Lute

Traditional music and dances of Crete are constantly present at Crete’s everyday life, not only at feasts and social events. The specific music of this large island is forming and determining its inhabitants’ life.
The traditional music of Crete consists firstly of dance tunes of melodies accompanied by the famous “Mantinades”. “Mantinades” are the short rhymed quatrains that talk about love and separation. The musicians from Crete wish to present this rich musical tradition of their island.

Sunday, 19 June 2016 – 18:00
Ensemble Euphonia

Maria Criniti: Voice
Minas Zografou: Piano
Lefteris Armyras: Guitar, Violin, Voice
Alkis Zopoglou: Kanun

The ensemble “Euphonia” presents contemporary Greek music in an unusual way. A special feature of this ensemble is that modern music of Hatzidakis and Theodorakis is played on the “traditional” kanun, a quite unusual but very fabulous combination. Exceptional is also the singer of the ensemble: Maria Criniti graduated a classical vocal training and has been performing at various opera houses. Here, another facet of her skills is shown by singing Greek art songs. Minas Zografou and Lefteris Armiras are the two other highly talented and versatile musicians on the piano, violin and the guitar.