Where can I buy tickets from?  

You can buy tickets for our concerts on our website www.mmfestival.org. Just click on the concert of your choice and select the ticket type of your preference.

Are there different types of Seated Ticketing?

For the numbered seats there can be different prices depending on the zone, otherwise there is general admission for mmfestival.

I haven’t received my ticket after purchasing it or I lost it. What should I do?

Send us an email at  info@mmfestival.ch with your name, the concert and the email address used when you purchased the ticket. We will send a new one to you as long as the payment amount has been credited to the receiving payment service provider’s account.

Are there reduced ticket prices for groups?

Yes, we offer reduced ticket prices for groups with more than 15 people. Please sign up first at info@mmfestival.ch.

How can I redeem my vouchers?

The mmfestival can only accept digital vouchers. If you have one, please follow the instructions on our website.

I cannot come to the concert. What should I do? 

If you cannot attend a concert for which you have already purchased tickets, due to illness, please send us an email at info@mmfestival.ch.

If you wish, we can send you vouchers of the same value via email. Money can not be refunded. 

Can I cancel a ticket?  

No, tickets cannot be cancelled.

When does the presale start?

As soon as we have the necessary information from the band and the concert is uploaded on our website with the option of purchasing tickets, presale starts.

What kind of discounts are available at mmfestival (reduced tickets)?

Depending on the event, the following discounts are offered (reduced tickets):

  1. IV / students up to 18 years old
  2. Children up to 12 years old, free of charge (at their parents seat)

If there are discounts (reduced tickets), you will find them uploaded at the ticket points of the event on our website.

How can  I be informed about the program of mmfestival?

You can find our latest news on our website. All our events are uploaded on Facebook, Instagram and Kulturzüri, too.

Moreover, you can be informed about the program by our newsletter. Sign up and you will receive it regularly.